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Look Around the Corner: What's New During 2018 For the Maserati Namesake

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

This is the final quarter of the year: many lots have final sales that define how the next year will shape up, and there is a very exciting sense of in-between fiscal year business. Here in St Louis at Jim Butler, we know what's arriving in January, have talked to many customers about their preferences, and are in a bit of a holding pattern as we finish 2017 out. With a brand that touts such a palpable gateway to luxury driving, the upcoming holidays are one of the times that people may give a Maserati as a gift, celebrating a long-lasting relationship or proud parent's nod to a future grad.


The GranTurismo coupe is among the absolute sultriest cars available, and designer Fabio Novembre lamented about the evolution of cars and other objects as Charles Darwin said, “Some species evolved, others did not”. Even though the facelift for 2018 is a bit minor, the elements that are carried over still perfectly fit this simply amazing roadster. The front-mounted 4.7-liter Ferrari V8 traces its flat-plane crank roots back to the smaller Ferrari 360 Modena. It still dishes out 454 horsepower, and 384 lb-ft of torque, and you'll immediately notice the improvement in aerodynamic efficiency, as well as reduction in lift.


A true GT vehicle is one that is able to drive long distances with great speeds, but while also offering supreme comfort. The patented Maserati Skyhook suspension, automatic continuous damping control, and a very pleasantly stiff steering demeanor are some qualities to expect from the new GranTurismo. Staff members fromAuto Week enjoyed tossing this car around the Alps, and deemed it more than worthy of commanding space on any winding road. The familiar and pleasantly grunty engine totes the new body with updated front and rear styling, brand new paint colors, an interior with an 8.4-inch screen, and Uconnect Infotainment.


Making its debut at the 2017 Chengdu Motor Show in China, the 2018 Maserati Ghibli gained some updates on the inside and outside, to keep it competitive during its fourth year on the market. Depending on trim level, this Italian four-door model has gone through some exterior updates bringing a few changes to the front and rear bumpers, which boasts improved aerodynamics. There are full-LED adaptive headlights equipped with a matrix high-beam function, and excellent added safety features. Active blind spot assist, lane keeping assist, and highway assist will all assure you a safer spot on whatever winding road you choose to hunker down and make yours with the Ghibli.


The Levante is one hell of a full-size luxury performance SUV, and it's the vehicle that is literally impressing “anyone who is anyone” in the auto industry right now. From spy shots gleaned last month, it seems like the front fascia is where a lot of the difference is: there is a lower intake that is widened and extended, unlike the bisected lower intake on early models. The result is a bit more assertive of a look, which exchanges roundness for sharp edges, and adds a fair amount of a raw, GT-inspired aggression. With chrome window surrounds, revised side-view mirrors, and a trailing edge roof spoiler, many scores of drivers will love how the Levante is edging a bit closer to the ground, and rapidly edging its way up on the most desired SUV list.

The Lowdown On Hydraulic Steering, And Why Maserati Is Embracing Semi-Autonomous Driver Aids 

Friday, October 13, 2017

On any given day here in St Louis, driving your car down the road can make your thoughts drift quickly towards reliable steering. Things that come up quickly like potholes, someone in front of you making a sudden stop, or navigating an area you've never been in before can all throw sudden obstacles in your path. One of the distinctive aspects of modern Maseratis has been the continued use of steering systems that incorporate hydraulic-assisted power. With this means of operation, the steering gear's internal cavity is divided into two chambers by a sealed piston that is firmly attached to the rack. Applying pressurized hydraulic fluid to one side of this piston while fluid returns from the other side to a reservoir is what provides the necessary steering assistance.


When using electric power steering, there is an electric motor mounted to the side of the rack housing, and it drives a ball-screw mechanism by means of a toothed rubber belt. The screw then engages a spiral cut neatly in the outside area of the steering rack. Then, a torque sensor attached to the pinion shaft quickly signals a control computer when the time is right for assistance. When hydraulic steering by means of rack-and-pinion first came on the scene more than 60 years ago, it was a miracle. The combination of a very rapid steering ratio with precise feel helped drastically with parking maneuvers while providing an agile feel.


Maserati has used hydraulic-assisted power steering on the entire lineup up until this interesting junction in auto history. The Ghibli, Quattroporte, and Levante models for 2018 are all switching over to electric steering. Highway lane-centering, lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot assist function that can rapidly take over and handle steering if needed are a few of the semi-autonomous features that will make these new models stand out. Some die-hard Maserati fans may have just a shard of disappointment over this, but the GranTurismo and GranCabrio sports cars still will use the classic hydraulic steering. Even without the addition of semi-autonomous features, these are still going to be superior vehicles for years, and ones that are a pleasure to take on the road under any circumstances.


In Nissan's electric Leaf, the motor runs as a generator, recovering some energy that was previously wasted to top off the battery's reserves. Depending on just how much regeneration various software engineers allow when designing the car, this force can be powerful enough to slow the car all of the way down. In Chevy's Bolt, drivers have the option to use a paddle behind the steering wheel to request a higher level of regeneration, just as one would tap to complete a downshift and slow down with an automatic gearbox.


If all of this still seems unsettling to you, and you really just jive well with the way braking systems have been up until now, you can always consider the “green” train of thought: there are much fewer particles of dust created with the electric option, leaving the air we breathe in much better shape. The future is going to essentially revolve around the re-use and smart definitions of energy, and Jim Butler Maserati is determined to navigate our namesake successfully through the vast and ever-changing waters of modernization! 


Heeding the Call to Efficiency: Two Electric Maseratis in the Works for 2020

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Many outlets of the media have been devoted to the achievements of Tesla over the past year or two, and some have been left thinking about what direction their brand is headed within the realm of electric power. FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne announced over the last week that the well-known brand would produce an electric vehicle by the year 2020. It is well-known that he is one individual who has not been as thrilled as others about Zero Emission mandates in effect. Those of us on the sales and service staff here at Jim Butler recognize that the Maserati namesake may be a bit late to the game concerning electric counterparts, but we also stand by the thrill of hearing a gas-powered engine roar to life.


Electric vehicles are appearing at a breakneck pace in many key markets, and we are excited to provide for customers an alternative that is good for them, their families, and the planet as a whole. Our brand is truly known as a luxury superstar and is a bit of a wildcard as far as being subject to the same market economics as others. As electronics and intelligence-related technology begin to become very prevalent in the marketplace, mainstream consumers will begin to really embrace electric as the future. Autonomous vehicles are another industry staple that customers will begin to flock to, and electric power will be seen in the same category as these cars that ease the burden and provide intelligence for the driver.


Whether it's a hybrid, one that plugs in, or all-electric model, the demand for an electric drive will continue to climb steeply as elements of pricing drop, and consumers look for various means of saving at the pump. Currently, it is projected that electric vehicle sales will rise to about 7 or 8 percent of the entire market share by 2020, courtesy of a Navigant Research study. During the very early part of the century, inventors in Hungary, the Netherlands, and the U.S. Began exploring the concept of a battery-powered vehicle and created some of the very first electric cars on a miniature scale. Many people don't know that by 1900, electric cars accounted for around a third of all vehicles on the road, and had very strong sales for the next decade.


After a quick fast-forward to the late 1960s and early 1970s, it was evident that high oil prices, as well as shortages of gasoline, were creating an interest in lowering the U.S.'s dependence on foreign oil. During 1976, Congress passed the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Research, Development, and Demonstration Act, authorizing the Department of Energy to promote research and development for electric and hybrid vehicles. Since the vehicles that were developed during the 1970's suffered from drawbacks that set them apart from cars powered by gas, there were many roadblocks during this time period that hindered ultimate progress.


Many things happened with regulations and other pertinent issues during the decades to come, but as of 2010, the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf were released in the U.S. Market. Reducing pollution from the transportation sector by as much as 20 percent is the name of the game as far as electric cars, and reducing dependence on foreign oil by 30-60 percent is another important task. As the various types of technology in electric cars advances and becomes less expensive, it is true that the face and brand of Maserati may be changing. Everyone here definitely feels up to the challenge, and we will welcome the constantly adapting pathways that will lead to a cleaner and more eco-friendly auto in the days to come! 


During the fall months in St Louis, many who are in the market for a new auto for their fleet are gonna opt for the SUV. What's not to love? The overall design of SUVs that have now entered the very modern crossover category are spacious, powerful, still comfortably rugged, and able to conquer numerous chores thrown at them. Forbes Magazine billed the Maserati Levante as “The most important model in Maserati's 102-year history” this month, and understandably so. We have all been watching just how Maserati has handled navigating through this relatively new territory, and the results have been great.

Many people nationwide from bona fide car experts to everyday drivers never thought that Maserati would take the plunge and build an SUV, and we fully admit that there were critics out there who thought that it would never be any good. Many watched as the Porsche Cayenne created its very own niche market and redefined the SUV genre when going up against contenders such as the Range Rover, and on the horizon, models such as the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX will cast a shadow quite hard to tower above.

The truest of Maserati fans are going to love how the headlights, grille, and badge are very true to the usual telltale features of the brand, and will also dig how it sits a bit lower on the road than average. This along with a few other design elements make it seem a bit more like a hatchback then a fully-fledged SUV, and we guarantee that it will need minimal driving time to win you over. This Levante is based on the same type of rear-wheel Ghibli platform, which makes for a bit longer wheelbase, and plenty of rear legroom. One feature of the Levante that is most likely its best is its All Wheel Drive System, with two different off-road modes, and a five-level air suspension that can promptly lift ride height when it's time to kick up some dirt.

What is even more exciting is that the AWD channels the full 100 percent of its torque towards the rear during normal driving time, and can opt to redirect 50 percent to the front axle if it is sensed that rear traction is compromised. Hydraulic power steering gives this SUV the ability to devour corners with a rare type of stability, and the Ferrari-built twin turbo powering it provides quite the wow factor in sphere of everything needed to get up and go quickly.

This stellar craft is available in a 345-horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque option, as well as a 424 hp and 428 lb-ft of torque model. Come pay us a visit on the lot soon, and check out how the luxury-laden and long-awaited Levante will solidify your long-standing respect for the most refined and reliable brand in the nation! 

At some point in time, the legendary GranTurismo is going to be completely replaced, but in the meantime, a few choice adjustments were made for this fall's arrival. Slimming down the vehicle a bit was the name of the game, and the 4.2-liter engine has been swapped with the 4.7-litre V8. Impeccably created within the throngs of the Ferrari camp, it has the snarl and bite to make any serious high-powered roadster/ sport coupe fan tremble with excitement. The infotainment system from the Levante SUV has been provided as a replacement, with audio controls, navigation, and other dire necessities sensibly placed.


You now also get the 8.4” touchscreen infotainment display, which allows for smartphone mirroring through AppleCarPlay, and Android Auto. The Harman Kardon sound system creates its sonic boom factor with ten very awesome and able speakers, and the simple but timeless touch of an analog clock on the dashboard provides a sense of practical, refined utility. Fitted bumpers at both ends are a few of the other additions to the GranTurismo, and the rear has been changed up quite a bit to add to the visual appeal. Some critics and everyday drivers out there in the auto world will bash the fact that the GranTurismo does not have keyless start, a futuristic feature that some of its competitors flaunt.


After checking around with some of the dashboard curators we know on the inside, the most exciting thing about this final stand of a classic is its engine. Product planner Enrico Billi deemed it “one of the last naturally aspirated, high-rev V8's”, and together with the very well-developed power train and chassis, this car makes for pure pleasure in the impromptu cruise department. Production for what is eventually gearing towards the “final lap” for this vehicle began in June of this year, and many connoisseurs are probably not going to be able to feign their excitement.


As the various tides in the world of automotive manufacturing and sales ebb and flow, one thing is for sure: electric vehicles have a strong stake on the horizon, even if some out there are questioning their vitality and worth. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne says that the brand plans to produce electric vehicles before the end of the decade, which could pit the brand head-to-head against Maserati within ten years. This year, a few scandals emerged within the current diesel offerings, and once costs come down a little, will be even more feasible for the Alfa namesake. For now, we must admit we love the rip curl under the hood minus electric, and will savor it until the larger-than-average lady calls the curtain for good.

It was ten years ago when Maserati first released the GranTurismo, and many drivers who love a high-octane combination of luxury and speed have been urgently waiting for a few changes. Here in St. Louis and across the entire globe, drivers were excited by the promise of the Alfieri, and still were held tepidly at bay with steady additions of power to the GranTurismo throughout the years. There was recently a model put on display at the Stock Exchange that was the higher-performance MC Stradale, which will ultimately be accompanied by a heavier Sport model. 

All GranTurismo models feature the last living workhorse of the deeply natural rooted Ferrari-Maserati V-8, which churns out 460 horsepower at 7000 RPM, and 383 lb-ft of torque at 4750 RPM. If you've been intently watching the luxurious sports-car offerings and are concerned with the topic of transmission, you know that the GranTurismo is going to come with a six-speed XF unit that is bolted directly to the engine in unique fashion, whereas the previous versions sported the optional MC Shift single-clutch automated transaxle means of getting the gear. None of this is anything to have a shard of worry about, because the Maserati namesake is one that will carry you the way you'd expect from an Italian-crafted beauty, and the available gears are enough for you to command the pavement haplessly.

The nose of the car was inspired by the Alfieri itself, and features a hexagonal grille with gaping cheek ducts. This provides a much more restrained view than models before it, and ultimately helps to reduce the CD from .33 to .32. You'll see a brand new rear bumper on the new GranTurismo, and teh well-meaning but racily-behaving Sport couple will reach 62 mph in 4.8 seconds, and top out at around 186 mph. You can also expect to experience the ultimate in comfort with four seats that are upholstered in Potrana Frau Leather, with a tempting option to add an Alcantara-and-leather interior. This product line has some of the most exhaustive quality standards in the industry, ultimately engineered to prevent surface scratches from revealing the lining underneath.

Inside the GT is a revised infotainment system, with an 8.4" touchscreen, offering options such as Apple CarPlay and Android auto functinality as well as a Harman/Kardon Sound System to provide the tuneage while you reach a bit-more-than-satisfying speeds. The 8.4 inch touchscreen is a nice kiss of high-tech device goods, but we daresay that the sentiment of this roaring beauty is not quite the same as the confines of a minivan, and you're going to want plenty of time to kick back and enjoy just how incredible the St. Louis metro area roads are going to become without intrusion from media.

The GranTurismo is a true legend in existence; and Intalian V-8 that can take corners like nobody's business, and remind you of how true exclusivity can give you an instant smile. Come see us on the lot right here in St. Louis, and get ready to revel in how amazing the modifications on this prized jewel are: it's an automobile that you can really savor every dip in the road with, and feel like no less than royalty in. Why skimp on any single detail as far as your driving persona? There are only a few wonderful cars out there such as the GranTurismo that command your well-esteemed attention.


A large number of SUV and high-end auto enthusiasts were long awaiting the time when the two categories would collide, and Maserati recently completed this task after 102 years of quality and honor. Last month, the brand we are consistently pleased to provide and service received an award from WardsAuto for possessing one of the “10 Best Interiors” in the entire array of vehicles available for the year. 31 different interiors were eligible for the list, which is currently in its 7th year. The list focuses on the vehicle’s usage of materials, ergonomics, and user-friendly ability of electronic features.




Nominees for the list were selected from choices that were all-new for the model year, and choices that had elements that had lately been greatly improved. This and many other forms of praise have been given to the Levante, which is a 100-percent made-in-Italy auto, known worldwide for jaw-dropping performance, and amenities behind the wheel that are very luxurious. Once you lay eyes on the interior, you notice horizontal tension lines, and the sense that this is the vehicle to let you embark on your journey as if you were traveling in a luxurious lounge. This has taken much effort and labor to accomplish: for decades, spaces within cars were only known as a temporary destination capsule, and did not provide much of a sanctuary.




The staff here at Jim Butler Maserati can show you how to get even more enjoyment out of your new purchase with the Zegna Luxury Package: here you get to really roll out the good stuff with premium Italian leather, which contains bespoke silk from Ermengildo Zegna. Founded in 1910, they are a premium brand who has had a hand in manufacturing suits for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, and claim the namesake to the largest menswear brand in the world defined by sheer revenue. All versions of the Levante come with an 8-speed gearbox, the very intelligent Q4 AWD, and a torque vectoring system for a stabilized and altogether exciting drive.




This very luxurious cabin has spacious seating for five, and the new 8.4” touchscreen is governed by a sensibly-placed central control knob, featuring Android Auto as well as world-class Bowers and Wilkins Premium Sound. During your commute or weekend excursion, you’ll really notice how the active-air suspension constantly works overtime to aide you: five ride heights and six levels of capability will be accessible for you to conquer any river, ridge road, or busy thoroughfare you choose to navigate.




Right here in St. Louis we have cool places like Upper Limits Rock Gym where you can learn the craft of climbing in a controlled environment before heading out into the wild. The Levante would be the perfect choice for a vehicle to take on an excursion like this, opening up the outdoor possibilities for you with an offering of dazzling delivery and impeccably-ranked interior. Our sales and service staff are standing by to help with your selection, and we are excited to offer the Levante as part of our 2017 lineup.


Offering 5-star cuisine and accommodations, a truly eclectic blend of culture, and pinnacle icons in the fashion industry, The Big Apple is most certainly a suitable location to unveil one of the hottest and most detail-driven automobiles of the year. The first look and debut of the Ghibli Nerissimo in April at the New York International Auto Show evokes a somewhat rawer form, and pleasant edginess with a perfectly-toned black cloak. Its name comes from the Italian words for “extremely black”, and spectators were able to marvel a bit during its front-running appearance at the Javits Center for the show.

Only 450 of the Nerissimo editions will be produced for North America, a true statement in itself of rare appeal and distinct class. There will be numerous types of availability for the Nerissimo: Ghibli, the Ghibli S, and Ghibli S Q4. Among all of the standout trademark Maserati features are 20-inch Urano wheels, black door handles, immaculate black window trim, and black grille features. At first look of the interior, you immediately notice its domineering formality: just like the appearance of streets after rain, the entire vibe of this Maserati offering is astutely dangerous as well as exquisite.

Every model will include 20-inch Urano wheels with a glossy black finish, dark mirror interior trim, sport seats, and a unique sport steering wheel. Front and rear parking sensors will be available to assist with your task of getting in and out of your spot, along with front and rear parking sensors. The Ghibli S and S Q4 versions will also be equipped with Harman Kardon stereo systems: known to be king of digital processing for audio products, they were the first to develop a compact disc recorder with 4X high-speed dubbing.

On the center console of each model, you’ll find a badge that highlights the incredibly limited-edition sentiment of this release, and the fact that it is one of only 450 in existence. As far as what’s under the hood, the Ghibli features the highly-accomplished, Twin-turbo-charged 3.0-liter V6 Engine, that is Ferrari-built and just what any gearhead with top-notch taste would desire. Anyone with a penchant for speed can select the mass-produced vehicle of their choice, and absolutely get a rig that will stand with the best of them when the unofficial flag drops. Obtaining a vehicle that is crafted by those in the business who spend the most time possible kicking around and perfecting an idea should peak your interest right away.

This is also easily the most accessible Maserati, with pricing well below the $80,000 mark, and a presence that you're going to be excited about easing into once you see it for yourself. One of our tech experts joked that “This is what it looks like when the fantasies of movies such as 'Dark Knight' collide with the more refined elements of vehicles light years better than the Challenger”. Come see this awesome new car soon, and pay us a visit right here in St Louis at Jim Butler Maserati, where we are standing by to help with anything from regularly scheduled maintenance to major vehicle repair!

Drivers in the St. Louis Metro have many different choices, and it is always a very distinct individual that gravitates toward the very higher end. There are some people out there that can get complete satisfaction with their vehicle choice of product line that is a bit mundane, and similar to what you see nearly everyone driving on the road. Here at Jim Butler Maserati, we proudly help our valued customers get behind the wheel of a world-class brand that was developed in Bologna just over a century ago. Timeless Italian style is what our customers are looking for, and when it comes to the SUV category, you have a bit different of an animal to contend with.

It's understandable that blending these high-profile characteristics need to resonate nicely inside the frame of the vehicle as well as out. Everyone that is packing their bags to exit on the 44 or 270 for greener pastures (literally) away from the city may all want different components in an SUV. In essence a vehicle to tote around your pack in and also accomplish the solo A to Z, the signature status of the Maserati had to blend just right with the brute force of a hauling vehicle to keep its class. The Levante S behaves quite dominantly in Sport mode, when the low rumble morphs into an all-out growl, and starts to develop a temper. This is a Ferrari-built twin turbo V6 engine inside, and it feels genuinely special when put to the test. You're going to simply have an all-out riot when cruising around the St. Louis Metro or beyond with an arsenal of 424-horsepower potential, and not encounter any trouble “moving it right along”.

The very unique look is characterized by a long and creased hood, fenders that bulge out quite a ways, and head-and taillights that complete the job of emulating a very luxurious feel. With a shark-tooth grille that is nearly making a nasty face at you, this SUV does not sacrifice sports-car traits to keep its appearance in line. What you are getting here is truly a vehicle that is a world of difference from something like the Durango: to say that it still feels pleasantly small is an understatement. We're not talking about a dose of mini-car madness that makes you feel claustrophobic, but a finished product that appears just as we were shown the future of autos would.

Inside the cabin of the Levante S, the staunch brown leather is very supportive yet classy, and the door pulls are blended into the trim with true Maserati flair. A spacious cargo hold and plenty of leg and headroom are traits that consumers want most, and the Levante S offers them up in full. Another feature that excites us is that this is generally the first Italian brand that has completed the task of making an SUV in modern times. It conveys elegance well, and those who have test driven it feel that they definitely had their hands on a product that the manufacturer tested painstakingly, and for the entire distance, “got right”. We have been consistently proud to back the icon brand that can list developing fifteen GranTurismo race cars under its accomplishment bracket, and invite you to stop in and see just how awesome every aspect of the current year's product line is shaping up to be!

Introducing the 2017 Gran Turismo!

Friday, March 24, 2017

 2017 Gran Turismo!

It’s time to make every drive an unique experience with the 2017 Gran Turismo. It’s more than a car it’s a masterpiece. The seductive exterior and the voice of the V8 engine will turn heads on the streets of St. Louis.

The Gran Turismo performance is powered by a 454 hp, 4.7-liter V8 engine. As the needle approaches the redline the truly fearsome roar of the engine comes alive. The exterior sublime silhouette matches the luxury of the interior. The interior will forever redefine ground touring. The Gran Turismo offers comfortable sport seats that are upholstered with the finest Italian leather. At Maserati safety is always a priority; standard safety features on the Gran Turismo includes the Maserati stability program and highly effective, Brembo brakes.

Want to let loose? Check out the convertible Grand Turismo! Visit Jim Butler Maserati today to check out this beauty! http://bit.ly/2n22A9c

The Maserati Levante!

Like the Mediterranean wind after which it is named, the Levante goes from mild to gale force strength, with the power to master any situation effortlessly. Plus the Levante has technology and safety features that will impress St. Louis drivers.


The Levante is both luxurious and adventurous; no matter where you go it is always in its element. It delivers the most outstanding performance even under the most extreme conditions. Equipped with an 8-speed gearbox, Q4 AWD and torque vectoring system, the Levante comes standard with advanced active-air suspension, Maserati Skyhook system and shock absorbers to withstand any terrain. With the most advanced next-generation safety systems the Levante will to keep you and your passengers safe. Special features include six dual stage airbags, adaptive cruise control, ADAS technology, rear cross-path/blind spot detection and more!


To experience the power and strength of the Levante for yourself, visit Jim Butler Maserati's new location at 3050 S Hanley Road in Maplewood, MO!

A Leap Into The SUV Game

Maserati is officially stepping into the premium SUV game with its 2017 Levante later this year. Since the company’s establishment over one hundred years ago, this will be the first-ever SUV to represent the Maserati brand, and not to mention, the first luxury-grade Italian SUV since the disappearance of the Lamborghini LM002 in 1993.

The name “Levante”, referring to a warm wind that has the ability to change from a gentle to gale force in an instant, regardless of the time of year, day, or hour, represents this genuine and unique product to a T. Typical of the Maserati brand, this car is sleek, bold, and sculpted with subtle details in all of the right places. Built on the Ghibli architecture, the Levante has been designed to handle both on and off road performance, with an adjustable Air Ride suspension.

As far as the engine goes, the Levante is powered by a 3.0 liter, V6 Twin-Turbo (a second generation version of the Ghibli). These Ferrari-built engines make 345 hp in the Levante and 424 hp in the Levante S. The 345 hp Levante will accelerate from 0-60 in 5.8 seconds, topping at 156 mph and the 424 hp Levante S will reach 60 mph in 5.0 seconds, topping at 164 mph.

With a spacious interior, this vehicle has many features, such as an 8.4 Touch Screen with Navigation, 8 speakers connected to a Base Audio System and two premium sound options- one by Harman Kardon and another by Bowers & Wilkins, wipers with a rain sensor, keyless entry and start, and the option of silk-enhanced upholstery.

For more updates on the 2017 Maserati Levante or to reserve yours today, visit our website or stop in Jim Butler Maserati in St. Louis, MO!


Motor Trend recently took the 2017 Maserati Levante for a spin. Jim Butler Maserati couldn’t contain their excitement after reading Motor Trend’s first drive review. The driver begins by stating that they felt like they were parked while driving 110 miles per hour, because the Levante felt “solid as a rock”. 
The 2017 Maserati Levante, Maserati’s first ever SUV, made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show last month. Under the hood sits a twin-turbo, 3.0-liter V6 that can either come in a 345 horsepower and 369 pound-foot of torque or the 424 horsepower and 428 pound-foot. The engine is routed to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The Maserati Levante can go from 0-60 miles per hour in 5.8 and 5.0 seconds. 
The first drive review stated that while driving 110 on the Autostrada del Sole, there was a BMW X5 M that blew past them. The driver buried their right foot and the Levante was well over 160 mph and breezing past the X5 M. 
The Levante has an aluminum front subframe, shock towers, and frameless doors. This results in a body-in-white that is 330 pounds lighter than the Ghibli’s body and 20 percent stiffer. Like the Ghibli, the Levante drives lighter than it is. There is a 50/50 weight distribution, which is no easy trick for a front engine. 
Although it is estimated that less than 1% of Levante owners will actually take their vehicle off the road, Maserati made it very capable in the dirt. Maserati believes that owners will like knowing they can take their ride off-roading, and the Levante can do that with its sophisticated air prings and an automatic electronically locking Torsen differential.  The springs feature 3.3 inches of total height adjustment, and the two off road modes will allow for 1.6 inches of extra height. There is also a parking lot setting that will drop the Levante an additional 0.4 inches for easy loading.
Jim Butler Maserati is very excited for the Maserati Levante to hit the dealership lot come fall 2016. Adding a SUV to the Maserati lineup will make a great addition to the team. 

Maserati Levante

The highly anticipated 2017 Maserati Levante is making its first ever appearance in the United States. The name Levante is inspired by a type of warm Mediterranean wind that can change from gentle to a strong force in an instant.

Earlier this month, the first ever Maserati SUV, made its appearance at the Geneva International Motor Show. Now the Levante will be coming to the New York Auto Show on March 23rd for its official U.S. debut. It is 100% Maserati and 100% SUV, a genuine ‘Made in Italy’ product.

The 2017 Maserati Levante is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 Twin-Turbo gasoline engine built by Ferrari. The engine comes with a 345 horsepower (Levante) or the 424 horsepower (Levante S). All engines have the Q4 all-wheel drive system, which transfers torque between the axles instantaneously when required. The all Levante models have an 8-speed automatic gearbox, with an integrated Start & Stop System. The Levante accelerates from 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds, with a top speed of 156 mph. The Levante S accelerates from 0-60 mph in 5.0 seconds, with a top speed of 164 mph.

High-tech features include forward collision warning, adaptive high beam headlights, brake pressure assist, lane departure warning, a surround view camera, hill descent assist, automatic windshield wipers, a blind-spot monitor, and parking assist. On the more low-tech front, but a definite safety necessity, the Levante comes equipped with six airbags.

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